About Tableau Development


Tableau Development Company, formed in 2014, is a real estate development firm focused on creating contemporary, smart-living environments. Tableau's principal has a wealth of urban development experience spanning many decades and metropolitan areas throughout the United States, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, Seattle, Dallas, Washington, D.C., Miami and New York.


Tableau is unique in that it pursues development opportunities in neighborhoods ripe for transformation, working in partnership with local officials and community stakeholders to create economically viable projects that deliver community benefits as well. Whether it's revitalizing Old Town Oakland with an injection of new homes, working with artists to design new art studios in San Francisco, or redeveloping neglected housing in Washington, D.C., Tableau's principal has successfully accomplished, brick by brick, the creation of stimulating living environments.

Green. This word informs Tableau's approach to development.  It's not only about how much recycled glass you have in your countertops; it's also about how you create space that people will want to be at, to make them stay out of their cars, to encourage them to walk or to bike or to shop or to just hang. Tableau is always looking to employ smart building products, but only, typically, in inner-metro locales where living is convenient.  The only green we don't touch are the pastoral areas of the exurbs and beyond.


Tableau responds to the trending popularity of city living. Our projects lean toward density, as we believe this concentration of activity, both residential and mixed-use, creates the necessary lifestyle synergy that many new buyers, renters and employers are seeking. Amenities in our communities will not only feature the "usual", but also incorporate smart home technology and thoughtful floor-plans that our discerning customers want. And, usually, they can walk out their door to buy a coffee, too.

For each project we build, our goal is to create a striking tableau of contemporary urban life.


John "Jack" Robertson, President and Founder of Tableau Development Company, brings over 30 years of experience in acquiring, financing and building communities throughout the United States. Mr. Robertson's background bridges both the public and private sector resulting from his work as both a private developer and former local redevelopment official. Mr. Robertson specializes in identifying common ground amongst the competing and often divergent interests of neighborhood stakeholders, local officials and the developer -- seeking a final product that becomes both profitable and a long-term community asset.​

Over the past decade, Mr. Robertson has developed or renovated over 5,000 homes and mixed-use commercial space totaling over $700 million. Most recently, while at Lennar Urban, Mr. Robertson spearheaded the design, permitting and long-awaited construction of several hundred homes at the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, kicking-off the beginning of the largest new neighborhood in San Francisco. He also oversaw the promulgation of design standards and guidelines for the Shipyard/Candlestick Point development as well as for Treasure Island (along with Lennar's co-partner Wilson Meany), another former U.S. Naval Base in San Francisco. Previously, Mr. Robertson was President of AF Evans Development, Inc., where he managed the expansion of the firm's mixed-use condominium products, initiated a successful apartment acquisition program, completed several affordable multifamily developments, and grew AF Evans' presence in the Pacific Northwest.

Mr. Robertson's geographic experience includes developing and acquiring properties in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Sourthwest regions of the country as the Housing Director for Telesis Corporation in Washington, D.C. from 1995 to 1999. At Telesis, he was highly successful in applying for several federal and local funding grants for a variety of jurisdictions throughout the United States.

Mr. Robertson gained extensive local government experience during his tenure at the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, which he joined in 1989. Mr. Robertson rose to Housing Chief in 1993, where along the way, he drafted the Agency's model inclusionary housing policy, oversaw the newly initiated Citywide Housing Program, and acquired and financed the renovation of several properties damaged by the Loma Prieta Earthquake.